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8:00 am
Registration & meet and greet
9:00 am
Opening – The 2nd FOOD RISK symposium –

Mr Franck Proust, President of the NÎMES MÉTROPOLE
Mr Mikaël Bresson, President and Founder of PHYTOCONTROL GROUP
M. Benoit Roig, President NÎMES UNIVERSITY

9:20 am
Lecture – Food safety –

Ethylene Oxide crisis: overview toxicity, analytical technique, regulations and crisis management
Ms Aude Aznar, Scientific Manager at SYNADIET & Mr Eric Capodanno, Scientific Director at PHYTOCONTROL

9:45 am
Interlude – Partner ELEMENTAR
9:50 am
Interlude – Partner R-BIOPHARM
10:00 am
Lecture – Food Fraud –

An analysis of the risk of fraud for an SME
Mr Jérôme Patouillard, Head of Quality, BISCUIT BOUVARD

10:30 am
Speech – Partner: SHIMADZU
10:35 am
Speech – Partner: WATERS
10:40 am
Break & Networking
11:10 am
Round Table – Authenticity –

Non-targeted analysis and isotope analysis to ensure authenticity: two complementary tools?
Ms Nathalie Dupuy, Professor, AIX MARSEILLE UNIVERSITY
Dr Alexander Scherl, Chemist – Area Manager , DEPARTMENT OF CONSUMER AND VETERINARY AFFAIRS, Geneva
Mr Sylvain Berail, Co-founder & CEO of ADVANCED ISOTOPIC ANALYSIS
Mr Patrick Jame, Head of the Organic Isotope team at ISA Lyon
Mr Nicolas Mialon, doctoral student at the Authenticity Department of LABORATOIRE PHYTOCONTROL


12:20 pm
Lunch & Networking
2:00 pm
Lecture – Food safety –

“Food Safety Culture” & the IFS Food database
Ms Chryssa Dimitriadis, Manager, IFS FOOD STANDARD

2:30 pm
Lecture – Food safety –

How can you improve your hazard analysis in order to have an effective management plan?
Mr Olivier Boutou, AFNOR Specialist

2:55 pm
Lecture – Food Fraud & Quality –

Activities of the food product fraud and quality knowledge centre

3:20 pm
Speech – Partner: FUJITSU
3:25 pm
Lecture – Food safety –

Food microbiology: MALDI-TOF reactivity for strain identification
Ms Sophie Jacquesson, Head of Microbiology Department, PHYTOCONTROL

3:50 pm
Break & Networking
4:20 pm
Lecture – Food safety –

Assessing combined mycotoxin risks – plant toxins
Mr David Steiner, Deputy Director of the analytical department, ROMER LABS

4:45 pm
Lecture – Authenticity –

Control of risks related to the botanical identity of active vegetal substances: substitution, contamination by fraud and adulteration
Mr Edmond Bourny, President of the ALL PHYTO research institute

5:10 pm
Close – DAY 1 & Free time


Cocktail dînatoire
Novotel ATRIA



8:00 am
Registration & meet and greet
9:00 am
Lecture – Food Safety-
The new statistical and Artificial Intelligence means at the service of food safety
Ms. Marine Garnaud, Performance Improvement Manager PHYTOCONTROL & Mr. Michaël Dussere, Software Solutions Architect FUJITSU & Mr. Vijay Saravane, Director of Software Solutions FUJITSU
9:30 am
Lecture – Food safety –

Food crises: how can we manage crisis communication?
Mr Philippe Pauze, former President, PICARD

9:55 am
Lecture – Food safety –

Pesticides and contaminants: analytical challenges and constraints
Ms Silke Bruns, Director, RELANA® Laboratories

10:20 am
Break & Networking
10:50 am
Round table – Traceability & Digitalisation –

The importance of traceability in a health control plan that meets consumer demand
Mr Christophe Zollner, Account Executive, CONNECTING FOOD
Mr Matthieu Vanuxeem, Technical Director, FOOD EXPERT INSTITUTE
Mr Julien Guilloteau, Head of Development, Zest HACCP


12:00 pm
Lunch & Networking


1:30 pm
Lecture – Food Fraud –
FEL Parteneriat : a commitment to quality control of fresh fruit and vegetables
Domitille de VERGERON, Product and Quality Regulation Manager UNCGFL
François Viguier, Regulatory and Advisory Officer CSIF
1:55 pm
Lecture – Authenticity –

Quality and authenticity of vanilla
Ms Sophie Charvet, Director, VANALYSE

2:20 pm
Lecture – Food Fraud –

Using DNA to fight against fraud in raw vegetal materials
Ms Nicole Giraud, President DNA Gensee


2:45 pm
Lecture – Authenticity-

Chiral analysis – a powerful tool for checking naturalness and authenticity
Mr Markus Lubke, Director, AROMALYSE

3:10 pm
Break & Networking
3:40 pm
Conference – Authenticity –

Analytical advances in spice authentication
Mr Jean-Louis Lafeuille, Scientific & Research Manager, MCCORMICK

4:05 pm
Lecture – Food Safety –

STEC HP surveillance in the raw milk cheese chain; the contribution of the Food Chain Surveillance Platform
Ms Hélène Amar, Head of the integrated risk management office, DGAL (French General directorate of food), MINISTERE DE L’AGRICULTURE ET DE L’ALIMENTATION (French Ministry of Agriculture and Food)

4:30 pm
Close – The 2nd FOOD RISK symposium –